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30 for 30 Challenge

30 minutes for 30 days

What a feeling!

Connecting eye to eye or shoulder to shoulder with those you love.

So much of our lives nowadays are spent fretting about the past or worrying about the future. When we are with children, it is all about the now.

Kids spell love T-I- M-E and IF you or they are holding or viewing an electronic device, both parties have just become less important. Either everyone is distracted, or someone is being dragged into the past or forced anxiously into the future.

#NoPhoneFamilyDay gifts us one day a year to set an intention to leave the phones on the chargers (for much of the day,) and spend time together connecting, relaxing, exercising, sharing, playing and remembering the importance of family and what we are teaching our kids. To capture this feeling and take it even further, we’ve established 30For30.

Set the intention to spend 30 screen-free minutes with your child for 30 days in a row beginning March 1, 2018.

We’re here to help you do it.

"I'm not sure I have 30 minutes to devote to this every day"

Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Before smart phones, this wasn’t all that tough, in fact many people were doing this.

Use our suggestions, outlined here or make it your own.

If 30 minutes seems extreme, break it up into 2 15-minute adventures or even 3 10-minute screen-free snacks.

"What about car rides?"

Sure! There are no 30for30 police coming to your home. You get to decide what counts and how to make this happen.

"Do meal times count?"

They sure do! In fact, many families already create screen-free mealtimes by setting aside devices before coming to the table.

"As soon as we begin to consider the idea of putting devices to the side, we open an opportunity to connect as a family," says Julie Freedman Smith, Co-Founder of Parenting Power and #NoPhoneFamilyDay. "When we decide how this will happen in our own home, we become more intentional in our parenting and teach our kids how to take responsibility for our own actions."

"Research shows us that children feel that they are competing against smartphones for their parent's attention," shares Gail Bell, Co-Founder of Parenting Power. "Imagine feeling that your parent loved a device more than you! Every parent has the ability to ensure that this is not happening in their own home and 30for30 is a chance to start this new habit!"